Rome: Continuity and Change

Sant’Agnese in Agone

Program Brief: Rome
Date: June 2016
Instructor: Joyce, Bimal, Mirika, George, Brennan

These drawings are the product of a five-week course in Rome and the surrounding area.  Hand drawing is used as the main tool for study as the city is explored. The final week is dedicated to a single focus.

These drawings of Sant’Agnese in Agone on Piazza Novona explore the representation of space by placing drawing conventions in contrast to one another. A worm’s eye one-point perspective acts as a comprehensive but unexperienced view of the space. This is presented along with an interior perspective drawing which looks to the altar at the west from the entry at the east. The drawing contrasts two drawing conventions, meeting at the center line. On the left, a traditionally constructed one-point perspective is used, exposing the distortion that occurs moving away from the vanishing point. On the right, an unconstructed experiential sketch depicts a fish-eye view which     depicts the experience as one’s view moves across the interior space. While each claims an accurate representation, the contradiction questions the concept of truthful documentation.