Parametric Surface / Structural Surface / Drawing Surface

Diagram Surface / Void Surface

Program Brief: Honor Studio Project
Date: Spring 2014
Team Member: Chad Greenlee
Instructor: Lisa Tilder

This was the final studio in Ohio State’s undergraduate curriculum. The first part of the studio was research based. My partner, Chad Greenlee, and I researched the lineage at the AA. From studying the drawings of Sir Peter Cook, Zaha Hadid, and Rem Koolhaas, we developed a process which we used to make several different studies. We created 2d drawings based off of 3d projects or objects and then reconstructed 3d models from our own drawings. The model we developed further was a construction of OMA’s Seattle Public Library. We flattened the facade diagram of the library, scaled it, and used it to create an interweaving solid/void superstructure. Each solid was then articulated in a similar manner to the whole. These solids were used in additive and subtractive operations to create a series of units that fit into the superstructure. The project is scale-less. This allowed us to develop each unit in a fractal manner that allowed the possibility on an unending zooming into each unit.