New Haven House

Diagram Plan

Hearth Types / Concentric Layers

Ground Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan

Program Brief: Single Family House
Date: Spring 2015
Instructor: Trattie Davies
*Selected for group design phase

This house defines space through a manipulation of an interior object—a modern hearth—so that the exterior shell to is able remain autonomous. A matrix of hearth types were deployed in concentric zones. The space of the house exists between a central hearth, consisting of water, fixtures, and storage, and the exterior shell. On the communal first floor, the central object defines the kitchen, dining, and double-height living room. It provides the fixtures for the kitchen, a washroom and closet for the hall, storage for the dining room, and
a tv console and storage for the living room. On the bedroom floor above, it provides closets, storage, and a shared bath. To the master bedroom on the third floor, it provides closets, storage, and a private bath. The exterior of the house is free to respond to its surroundings. The shell presents as an animated volume on the open corner site, while remaining calm on the private southern side. On the front side, it projects out to create an overhang for the entry. On the back side, it pulls to accentuate the presence of the patio. Its three story stature and partial gable allow the house to fit among the houses of Winthrop Avenue, despite its relatively small size.