Kerf Wall

Program Brief: Wall Installation
Date: Spring 2015
Team Members: Lucas Boyd, Graham Brindle, Rachel Gamble, Chad Greenlee
Instructors: Brennan Buck, John Eberhart
*Selected for Retrospecta 38

This installation combined fifty-two 2x4 studs to create a wall, the intersection of two contoured complex surfaces. The traditional reading of the 2x4 unit is subverted through a process of kerf cutting. The result is an undulating surface with geometries seemingly foreign to this material. A two-sided technique allowed each member to be made using a consistent technique. A table saw with a custom sled was used to cut the units in pre-determined zones. Through experimentation, a density and depth was chosen that, when fully closed, produced a 12 inch radius. Each of the two surfaces that make up the wall increase in curve density diagonally across the face. Both surfaces increase in curvature from left to right. The first surface increases curvature toward the base, the second surface increases curvature toward the top. The results in a complex surface of intersecting bulges that have varying degrees of transparency.