Building Project

Ground Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Model Photograph

Program Brief: Single Family House
Date: Spring 2015
Team Members: Caroline Acheatel, Tess McNamara, Dan Marty, Cat Garcia-Menocal, Paul Rasmussen, Matthew Zuckerman
Instructors: Joeb Moore, Amy Lelyveld
*Winning Design

This house focuses on a consolidation of utility function. On the ground floor, this manifests as an interior box that houses kitchen utilities/storage, vertical circulation, a washroom, and an entry coat closet. The box is off center which differentiates the larger spaces—kitchen, dining, and living—from the tighter circulation space. The living space has floor to ceiling windows which extends the space conceptually to the yard behind. The side entry and the door to the patio create an implied zone of circulation which further articulates the living space. On the second floor, the ground floor’s box-in-box diagram inverted and the utility function is flung to the exterior wall. A communal space occupies the public front corner. Storage, seating, and desk space make up the edge. The closets and furnishings of the bedrooms follow the same articulation. The ring of utility on the second floor is broken by full height windows along the hall, aligning with the circulation below. This manifests as slots on the exterior which accentuate the reading of the utility function.